Wireless syncing and push notifications comes to Jawbone apps in Android


A new update for Jawbone Android app is released this week. Recently company has done some modification in their app but it was for iOS. With that update, company also stated they are planning to make an update for Android devices as well so that can bring more features and let it to match with iOS lineup.

Jawbone updated its Android app. The update for Android app added a number of new features, apart from new features, they have also resolved obligatory bug which leads to boost its performance.


Lets check out new features added with new update. It has received full support for Up24 band and because of that you will be able use wireless synchronization and sends out push notifications. These new additions to Jawbone Android app makes it to stand with iOS line up. These features allow users to get notifications throughout the day so that they can better achieve their daily goals.

One can also set custom reminders with Jawbone Android app. It also allows sunrise and sunset times within the sleep graph which gives you alternative guide to manage your sleep pattern. If you want then you can download latest update for Jawbone Android application from Google Play Store. It is available to download from today.