Windows Store Price Change en-route


Microsoft is all set to update its price list for its apps. Yes! This piece of news is not just news, but soon to turn into fact. Microsoft will update its price tier value in the coming week of 13th April 2015. Windows Store which supports 96-teirs, which consist of paid apps and inbuilt apps. Ita��s not only the apps that are updated periodically, but also their price or rates are updated. The price is updated periodically, with a point to maintain consistency over taxes, currencies, and also other geographical consideration that come across. An official confirmation is yet to be received, but this piece of news was revealed through an email. Yes, an email was sent out to the developers. Microsoft email sent alert of changes!

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

Windows Apps to get price bump

As per the sources, 13th April will be the big day on which the prices will be updated. Wonder what changed price the app will come with. Hope we need not have to shade heavy on needful or useful app. The price tier will soon update, but US Dollar will remain same. While the price in other currencies will change relative to the prime US-dollar price. The coming month will reveal the changed price.