Windows phone, Android register growth but lost momentum


Recently, Kantar has published their statistics for smartphone Operating system market share. Kantar report was for quarter ending in December. According to report, Android and Windows Phone lost their momentum but at the same time they managed to maintain steady growth in year 2013. On the other side, BlackBerry and iOS lose users in every aspect of market. Nokia failed to have breakthrough sales as what they were expecting but then also it was a good year for Windows phone. Report shows that, Microsoft operating system have expanded their market share in every market. In UK, they reached to 11.3% from 5.9%. In France, it reached to 11.4% from 5%. In Italy, it touches 17.1% from 12.7% and in Spain it goes to 5.6% from 6.9%.

Windows Phone 8

As we all know that Kantar releases their report after every three months and if we compare latest report from report released in November then Windows phone momentum is slowing down. Windows Phone OS has lost some shares in some countries. Leta��s take a look at figure. In France, it went down to 11.4% from 12.9. In USA, it went down to 4.3% from 4.7. In China, it goes to 1.1% from 2.7% and in Australia it goes down to 5.2% from 6.9%.

There are many operating system in competition but Android is on top in the list. It wins in all markets and its popularity is increasing day by day. Android got 83.5% market share in Latin America for year 2013 which was 62.6% in year 2012. Android has also raised their market in Germany from 69% to 75.4%. In Italy, from 54.2% to 66.2% and the EU, from 62.9% to 68.6%. There are a few markets in UK, Italy, Spain and EU where Android OS lost by a small numbers but that is not going to effect Android overall gain in mobile phone market.

Android kitkat Logo

This time, Apple’s iOS has to face loss in shares in all markets for year 2013. It went down to 12.8% from 23.1% and it is the biggest lost for iOS. In USA, they went down to 43.9% from 49.7%. In December’s holiday session, sales for Apple iDevices increased and that leads iOS to manage their market shares. Blackberry also lost their market shares. Other than china, Blackberry lost its users everywhere. In china, they increased their shares by 0.1%.

After reviewing the report, we can say that Android is leading mobile operating system in market. There are many fans of Windows phone but if they really want to beat Android OS then Microsoft have to come with some unique and useful ideas.