Windows 10 will run on 512mb Ram Devices


The mist around the ‘Windows 10’ release for smart-phones has been reduced by a certain degree after Microsoft’s spokesperson cleared few vital facts related to the much awaited release of ‘Win 10’ for the smart-phones. Microsoft’s VP of ‘Operating Systems Group’- ‘Joe Belfiore’ mentioned that ‘Windows 10’ will be made available to Windows smart-phones featuring 512 MB RAM. However, he also exclaimed that the features may contrast depending upon the phone segments!

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Windows 10 will run on 512mb Devices

However, he didn’t mention the tentative release date for the ‘Win 10’ launch for the phones, although he was heard saying that the preview build of ‘Windows 10’ will be made available only to a subset of phones, which include Microsoft’s one of the most successful Windows based device- ‘Lumia 520’. The other members of the subset are still unknown though!
Belfiore further explained that the Microsoft’s most ambitious project in 2015 is well on track & the ‘Insider Build’ of ‘Windows 10’ is currently going through the internal testing. The ‘build’ is expected to come in February. Leaked screen-shots of the ‘Technical Build’ have shown many interesting features, including a whole new interface that goes with the desktop & tablet version of ‘Windows 10’. The ‘Settings’ menu is also seems to be more organized. The alarm clock has been redesigned a new recording app has been incorporated in the new release.
Belfiore’s latest statements have cleared many curiosities related to Windows 10’s first launch, but the meaning behind ‘varying features’ is still unknown at this point of time. However, we can keep our fingers crossed & surely hope for the best from the Microsoft’s latest sensation!