Windows 10 to close gap between apps and PC


After Smartphone, tablet stepped to give new touch of technology. Then Tablet stepped to give new dimension to the technology era. Now, Microsoft is ready to unveil a new technology a combination of Smartphone and laptop so called a�?Laptop-phone hybrida��. A new chapter of technology is yet to reveal, apart from Windows 10 of consumer preview, a beta version of Windows 10 is soon to step on Smartphone. Microsoft will be presenting a new hardware that will find compatibility for Windows 10 operating system on Smartphone and tablet. Presently, the hardware is under development stage, more information is yet to land! The Microsoft officially will display a single code sort of software which will show an application running on tablet or Smartphone.

Windows Phone 8

According to reports, the Company has more plans, it will also be launching Window store on that device to get more advantage of the device. The Windows are with plan to release two separate store Window Store and Window Phone Store. An update of Window 365 will also be introduced on the upcoming device.

As per the reports, Microsoft will be building unified ecosystem. While Nokia power are pointing toward removal of word Phone from the built word a�?Window Phone 10a��. Nokia Lumia 532 with both version will come with a�?Windows 10 readya��. The air filled with rumours will soon be cleared by the officials.