Windows 10 Phone Preview might work on 512 mb Ram


Windows 8.0 went into much controversies, few stated the OS as cool, while few became fool figuring how get use to? Moving from Windows Operating system to Smartphone, there was lot of spectacle around 512MB powered 8.1Windows Phone. The Smartphone with 512MB will get update of Windows 10. Nokia is trying to climb higher and higher to reach s decent position.
Of all device, Nokia 520 is most popular and highly sold device. The update will be first checked on this handset, and then will be pushed on rest device. While, if update fails to display desired result it will be big trouble time! Recently, Microsoft gave words of upgrading all device of Window 8.1 to Windows 10.

windows10 logo

The users are with mixed emotions, some feel its good news, while few are left unhappy. A final date and day is still to be announced when the upgrade thing will go on-air. Devices with 512MB RAM will be first device to go for technical preview with latest advanced operating system Windows 10. Currently, Microsoft is busy preparing list of device which might and might not come with Windows 10 Operating system.
The reason to get started with 512MB Ram devices was to start with basic so that more and more devices might get Windows 10 in future. News about hardware combination is yet to receive on our end, which also plays a crucial role. The preview of Windows 10 is due on February, which will be around soon!