Win HTC One this Xmas, by displaying bad gifts


Christmas a season of fun and frolic where every one of us expect beautiful gift from our loved ones. How about getting a HTC one on this festive season? Well don’t get too much excited at this. Yes you can win this, but terms and conditions are applied. This is not joke, but you me or any one of us can win this HTC One. All good this need a bit struggle to win it, and it’s damn true! To win this Smartphone you need to enter into a competition to win this. Are you super excited to learn more about the competition, and then let’s start here? A very new contest is started by HTC, but for this you need an Instagram account, a bit confused is it? Let me put it straight. To participate in this, you need to show off their bad gift and win a brand new Smartphone from the company.

Display your bad gifts and stand a chance to win a HTC One this Xmas


To enter this unique competition, you need to follow HTC page on Instagram. Then after signing in, you need to post a photo of your bad gift to the service, and have to describe in your words, why you feel that the gift is not so good. By putting a caption and a hashtag, you need to describe the bad points with ‘#Replace My Gift’, and tag HTC page on photo. This contest will look a bit more complicated than the rest of the general competition.

The competition will start at 11:59 PM on 5th January, 2014. The photo submitted by all contestants will be viewed by all judges on board. The company has decided to give 12 phones through this contest, from which six will go to Americans and other 6 will go to other’s who are outside US. HTC has also requested others to not mention any bad views about any companies.

The contest seems to be a pretty unique idea, and to win HTC One, why not to give a chance. A brilliant one! Right?>dive in an give it a try by clicking on Link Below