why switch from iPhone to Android, Eric Schmidt reasons


For a layman like us, it’s seriously difficult task to compare between iPhone or Android phone. Comparing features will solve several queries but at the same time will make you land in more queries. Android now-a-days, are gaining high publicity with its upgrading version many of new features are also upgraded. It was difficult for me to make a choice between them; I choose to switch for Android Phone.
Well, a few days I was very apprehensive about my decision, but now I know my choice was right one. You won’t believe in this right? But what if the same thing is said by Google’s Executive Chairman “Eric Schmidt”? It was a bit surprising but, ‘Eric Schmidt’ in his recent blog ‘1000-odd word post on Google Plus’ have wrote switching to Android are better than the iPhone. I guess before the Christmas holiday’s he is doing his bit to help people to choose. Through that blog he gives step-by-step guide to transfer one’s data from iPhone to Android Phone.

IOS vs Android

The Blog start’s with “Many of my iPhone Friends are converting to Android”. Through this blog he has compared each feature that in turn is great for user like me. Synchronization, Transfer of contacts or any media file are easy to perform. Through his blog he has advised people to switch to Chrome browser as it provides wide functionality as compared to Apple’s Browser. The Google chrome is genuinely safe and better browser to go for.

His blog definitely suggests us to go for an Android phone, which I feel is damn 100-percent true. Android provides great option and offers rich features too. I will surely cast my vote for ‘Eric Schmidt’s’ blog.