WhatSIM to offer free Whatsapp for Masses via a credit system


Whatsapp has become quite essential these days. Who dona��t use Whatsapp? Now-a-days, everyone seem to be addicted with Whatsapp. But having a good internet connection is must, it becomes crucial while travelling abroad or so. A solution over this is provided by an Italian Company, they have launched a new SIM card which enables Whatsapp service on your Phone without using an Internet Connection.
The SIM Card is named as a�?WhatSIMa��, which will allow you to chat on Whatsapp application for free in many countries around the world. The 38-years old Manuel Zanella, founder of Zero-Mobile is inventor of this SIM and will be first Mobile Operator around the globe for low-cost roaming. This SIM connects with 150-countries and more than 400-operators world-wide.

WhatsApp Messenger

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The cost of Whatsapp SIM will come around a��10+a��5 with shipping cost, which translates to make 1,075INR. But hold on, this SIM wona��t offer free of service, you have to recharge the SIM card to send regular voice messages, photos and so. India country comes under Zone-3, where you need around 150-credits to send images, 600-credits to send videos and so. But the recharge system or window is currently shut-down, which will begin by 26th February 2015.

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WhatSIM is gaining more and more popularity. It has earned around 700-million of active users and are rising more to gather more users.