WhatsApp Messenger revamped for IOS 7


Whatsapp messenger is an amazing SMS replacement application. It is a cross-platform instant messaging application service for Smartphones. The term “online” is now referred as the users presence or availability on whatsapp for Smartphone users. It is one of the most downloaded application. It allows to exchange SMS without having to pay for it. It is available for iPhone, Android , Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia and those mobiles that can message each other. WhatsApp Messenger uses 2G or 3G or WiFi (when available) to exchange million messages with family and friends. So switching from SMS to whatsapp to send and receive text message, audio notes, picture and video message is a smart choice for Smartphone users and also it is free subscription for first one year! Later it is available for a few bucks on different operating system. It allows group conversation with contacts store in the phone book. Whatsapp is always on and connected so there is no need to log in/out .

WhatsApp Messenger

The updates are important changes made to any application. It can be bug fixing or adding new language or introducing any new change. As the software is updated its version changes. Whatsapp messenger has got its iOS 7 makeover. As it’s a iOS 7 makeover it has got a new look. It took a long time to join the party but major update was necessary for iPhone users. The new version syncs with new operating system. It has a flat design. The developers for app have been working for a long time to give a new OS feel. This new version adds broadcast contact list. For bulk messaging users can create their own lists. The new version improves location sharing , supports for 3D maps and OS 7 ringtones, text size . It’s now easier to manage block contacts and able to crop images before sending and can also see larger thumbnails.

So now chatty iPhone users can update their whatsapp for free from the App Store and can go online crazy with their buddies with sporty new is look.