Warner Bros Games lineup for Android


How fun it was to read comic books? Now the comic books are replaced by digital comic strips or just animation series. Animation have roused to great height? Ever imagined you can make a cartoon sketch of your own image just for fun. Technology had developed to great extend to the way we had dreamed off, but few people dreamed a bit too much from technology. Any waya��s let not get into these things, leta��s focus on main plot of this post! Warner Bros Interactive are all set to come with 5-games, which are on development phase. The games which are set to make debut in 2015 will be under franchise of DC Comics, Batman, Mortal Kombat , Game of Thrones and so.

Warner bros games

Warner Bros Games Are very popular

The mobile business is expected to grow more in coming days. The five games which are under development are as follows:

  • Games of Thrones:The game is yet to be titled which will allow you to conquer Westeros as epic combat strategy game. User must prove their wit create tactics and battle across Seven Kingdoms.
  • DC Comic Legends: The collection of Legendary DC Comics have given a different look from super-heroa��s to evil villain, the super team have got customized.
  • Lego Batman:The Caped Crusader have joined the DC Comic super hero in race of premium games. Batman moving outer space to finish off the evil work and stop destroying earth.
  • Batman: Arkham Underworld: User can built their team and train them to an army. The Game include super villain Batman: Arkham, also with Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and so. To grab some early game insights,A� players can sign in for beta at arkhamunderworld.com.
  • Mortal Kombat X: This game will be introduced with classic fighters in new avatar. New cinematic effect have added, players who wish to buy the upcoming game for their PC or console can unlock the mobile game and so.

These newbie games will join the WWE which was launched on 15th January 2015 and received thundering millions of response. Warner Bros has launched 25-games on their work graph in last four years, with 150-million or more installation.