Vertu’s New Constellation Phone runs Android


Vertu is for one with an expensive taste. The exclusive mobile makers have come out with another phone called as Constellation which like its previous makes it crafted for perfection and made for the exquisite.The phone is made out of calfskin and has grade 5 titanium which in weight is lighter than most materials used today for phones. It houses a dual-core processor running the Android Operating system.The phone is made up of sapphire crystal which makes it scratch resistant and very durable.

Vertu Constellation

There are some negative points with this phone like, it has got only 720p screen.It uses 1,800mAh battery which is dominated by the 3,000mAh battery in most of the smartphones coming in the market. There is also no 4G option available. This device is good on camera side as there is 13 megapixel camera at the rear of phone. There is 32 GB of internal storage but no microsd slot for expansion. As stated earlier it is phone for people with expensive taste and at 4000 Pounds it sure is one expensive gift for Christmas 🙂