Vertu Offers Diamond Studded Phones: Diamonds are Forever


Diamonds are forever! A famous quote known by all. Diamond is said to be the fancy of every woman. The new Smartphone Vertu from Bentley is offering the latest diamond group, after the launch of Aster the new Vertu attracts the fancy of the customers. The Smartphone device offers premium Android as with most of the phones and also titanium, animal skins and gold. The phone offers wide range of skins of various exotic animals in display.


Diamond studded Vertu Revealed

The most popular model being available is diamond studded phone with the alligator skin. The topmost model is Pure Jet Alligator Diamonds based on the Vertu Autograph Touch. This superior model is priced at 15900 Euros. The phone has 124 diamonds studded in it and the base being gold. The diamonds studded in it makes the phone special and quite lucrative and fashionable. The phone also has another attraction of the precious metal gold. The device has white gold detail on the bar that sports stereo sound. The phone has jet-black ceramic pillow and is clad with alligator skin that gives the phone a unique exotic look.

There are three unique models available, all with the alligator skin cover. The Pure Alligator, Red Alligator and the third being Black Alligator all of Diamond. For all those customers who do not approve black colour there is an alternative available for them in the model with Red colour, the Red Alligators model of Diamond, known as Vertu Aster. This model has less diamonds only 55-diamonds adding to 0.15 carats. The cost of this also is lower at 8900 Euros. The same model is also available in the black colour, with the replacement of white diamonds in black diamonds.