Verizon matches T-Mobile’s success with 1.6 million new mobile customers


There is always a very tough competition in mobile phone industry and suddenly Verizon comes in highlight by matching T-Mobile’s success with 1.6 million new mobile customers. T-Mobile is gaining more publicity but new customers are getting attracted by Verizon. If we go through the report from Verizon then it is mentioned that there are more than 1.6 million users get attracted by their wireless products and plans that they introduced in 4th quarter of last year.

Verizon Wireless

If we compare this achievement from Verizon with T-Mobile then it matches with T-Mobiles results in the same period of time. Verizon is extending their LTE network and according to them, they have covered about 97 % of US population. So this is one of the reasons for the figure that we get for Verizon. Customer satisfaction is main motive for Verizon which makes them to stand on this level. Recently they released Moto G handset for $100 off-contract and a new $20 “Share Everything” tier. It is not covered in this report. We get to see its effect on their next report. This figure clearly shows that Verizon has better future in 2014.

Here are some more findings about Verizon:

  • $1.76 in earnings per share (EPS)
  • 66 cents in adjusted EPS (non-GAAP)
  • 1.7 million retail net additions
  • 8.0 percent year-over-year increase in service revenues in 4Q 2013
  • 4G LTE service available to 305 million people
  • 500 markets across the U.S.