Upcoming Google Glass might be powered by 2GB RAM


At the commencement of Google I/O conference, Google announced 2 GB RAM for Google Glass. This has been done with a motive of increasing application compatibility in Google Glass and for extra fast and smooth application running. Besides this hardware improvement there are many more improvements made in Google Glass which we would love to share with our readers. The battery strength of Google Glass has also been increased and last 15% longer. A new voice navigation command has also been added which will let the users to quickly jump to camera via view finder. The command is”Ok Google show the view finder”, this command will initiate view finder and 4 L’s will appear on the 4 corners of Google Glass. Then you have to give the command “OK Glass, take a picture with a wink”, once you say the command, Google Glass will automatically take the picture or you can simply press the camera button.

Google Glass


The Google Now card list has also been updated with some new cards available. Google Glass software update has been made available to all the users worldwide but they will have to buy the 2GB RAM version of Google Glass and the fixture of 1 GB into 2 GB is not possible. Google Glass 2 GB version is already flooded in UK market and will be soon released for the rest. Google has recently released their new tours and travels collaborator glassware which has got some great new applications like Trip it, Open Table, Word Lens and much more. To our surprise, every developer from US and U.K are eager to work on Project Glass after such a rocking entry. After the approval of Google, it’s also possible to some extent that the patent of Google Glass is made flexible and the price is also cut off after involvement of third party developers.

Google’s Glass has got much more priority after it was made compatible for iPhone via iOs My Glass application. It gives iPhone users access to messages and maps but the only drawback left is that you need to keep My Glass application open in iPhone also if you want to navigate maps on Google Glass. Even any Bluetooth enabled Smartphone can access basic features of Google Glass but these features are completely missing. Windows phone is an example of this kind of pairing. Besides all of this hue and cry Google has made 12 new applications compatible for Google Glass which includes Runtastc, 94 fifty basketball, The Guardian, Duolingo, Guidi GO, All the cooks, Star chart, Goal.com, Live stream and musiXmatch. The functionality of these applications gives a new dimension of fun, entertainment and awareness to Google Glass along with features for fitness. The best part among these applications is Star chart which gives you a realistic feel of Google Glass experience. It lets you get drowned into the constellations of stars. Many more new modifications are further being made to Google Glass and new applications are also being made compatible for it. This is going to bring a new revolution of glassware within upcoming years, this is just the beginning.