True caller to be pre-installed in Android Wear


Googlea��s recently unveiled operating System Android Wear for wearablea��s has been recently provided with True caller application considering the need of knowing the callers ID before taking the call. True caller has become one of the 24 developers who develop applications for Android wear. With this application installed, users can get the information about the caller directly on their screen and will be able to take the call or dismiss it just through a swipe. This will be the great asset for the users because True caller is worlda��s largest online phone directory loaded with around65 million numbers and you will not need to lean for your Smartphone while taking a call to know the number, you will get it rightly on your gadget. On this excitement of being added in the ever growing world of Google, True caller stated that Google has treated our very positively and we are very excited to be a part of Android Wear.

Truecaller Android App

They also added that the space needed by True caller application has been also reduced to half and will run more smoothly than ever before with this major update. This integration of True caller on Android wear has surely given wings to fly much more higher and this feeling can be experienced on Google Wear page of True Caller recently uploaded by them. This will provide a sigh of relief for other wearable developera��s like Samsung whose Android Gear live based on Android Wear will be arriving soon. There was a strict need of a different operating system for Smart watches as Android Smartphone softwarea��s could never have been doing miracles which Android Wear is doing now. It is ruthlessly killing every bug of Smart watch technology and fitting every comfort which a Smart watch can give to the world.

Google I/0 2014 has proved highly productive and the unveiled a whole new range of Smartphone and Smart watch softwarea��s which is going to have a great impact on the Smartphone and wearable technology within no time. They are expected to run on a new generation specifications and internal design and all of this is possible because of Googlea��s Android. Google has also showed its interest in producing a step towards creating technology in automobiles and rest of the gadgets. This will be worth watching that which automobile manufactures will be working with Google or will the Google create own vehicles. This true caller integration update will soon be made available on Google Play without any cost. Leta��s enjoy the world of technology in new pace from Google with Android in their hands.