T Mobile grows to become third largest carrier in U.S.


T-Mobile is rapidly winning acclaim from the subscribers in the United States. In the past few months the number of subscribers has increased rapidly, and the number is rising by almost one to two millions every quarter. Gain of some results in the loss of some other in the market, accordingly Sprint has been losing the ground, and has seen shrinking the number of subscribers. The latest declared quarterly reports of both Sprint and T-Mobile show the fact that T-Mobile has now shot up to the third largest position leaving behind Sprint.

t -mobile pink

Amongst the mobile carriers in the United States now T-Mobile has shown an appreciable rise in the number of subscribers, mainly due to a number of valuable promotions to attract newer and newer customers under their banner. T-Mobile has been continuously harping on the aspects of lower price as well as better and more benefits to the user.
Sprint has published their financial reports for the first fiscal quarter in 2015 i.e. period of April to June 2015. The carrier has reported gain of 675000 net users and 310000 customers in post-paid connections during this quarterly period. The company has registered a loss of 366000 prepaid subscribers during the quarter.

At the end of this quarter T-Mobile has 58.9 million subscribers compared to 56.8 million subscribers of Sprint. This is the outcome of the continuous promos from T-Mobile backed up on a lower pricing aspect, though Sprint is trying their level best to counter the moves of the competitor T-Mobile who presently are taking giant strides in the mobile space competition.