Sonys Xperia flagship phone may record 4K video


Sony’s next flagship phone is expected to release at Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is to be held on next month. The new Sony Xperia D6503 that is a rumored codename Sirius will come with Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system. XperiaBlog got to see Sony Xperia D6503 and provided a brief introduction to their new user interface and all the features thata re expected to come with Sony Xperia D6503. There are some of the very new features getting introduced with Sony Xperia D6503 and those can be highlight feature for Sony Xperia D6503.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

One of the best feature is that Sony D6503 a�?Siriusa�� will have 4K video recording support. If you remember then the same feature was rumoured to be implemented in Sony Xperia Z1 but that was fake news. But this time, 4K video recording seems to be possible with Sony D6503 a�?Siriusa�� as it can be seen clearly into the camera app image. Other than this,

they have also added a�?Timeshift videoa�? feature. With the help of a�?Timeshift videoa�?, you will be able to record high frame rate and after recording you can also give slow motion effect. This is very much similar to the slow motion video in iPhone 5S. You can record video at 120 frames/sec in 720p and after that add slow motion effect to same video.

Some other features includes utilizing Smart backlight controls that is same as Samsung’s Smart stay, two home launchers, advanced options for call handling and some built-in answering machine. For full detail on Sony Xperia D6503, you can visit XperiaBlog. There is no information for exact date but we can expect it to be revealed at MWC.