Sony Xperia D5103 with 720p screen hits GFXBench database


Upcoming Smartphone from Sony which is well known with name Sony Xperia D5103 is in news from last few days and now it appeared on GFX Bench database. Sony Xperia D5103 is improved in specifications as compared to Moto G. Sony Xperia D5103 and Moto G have same chipset that is Snapdragon 400 MSM8226 but there are some some differences between these two which makes Sony Xperia D5103 better. Lets try to figure out main advantage of Sony Xperia D5103.

Chipset in Sony Xperia D5103 comes with four Cortwex-A7 cores which runs at 1.4GHz. If we compare speed then it is 200MHz faster as compared to Motorola. Sony Xperia D5103 comes with Adreno 305 graphics and it will be good for 720p screen resolution. We dont have any further information about screen size of Sony Xperia D5103. There are some rumoured information available for specification but we cannot be 100% sure on nit as there is no official confirmation.

Sony Xperia Logo

Sony Xperia D5103 is going to have LTE connectivity and this is again a very strong feature against Moto G.When Sony Xperia D5103 was tested then it was running Android 4.4.1 KitKat. It was also with software fingerprint and that gives clear idea that it is quite recent build. We are expecting that Sony will reveal some more details about Xperia D5103.