Sony WP smartphone to come in 2014 under the Vaio brand


Earlier it was in news that Sony and Microsoft will launch new Windows phone soon but it looks like this negotiation between them is ended now. Greg Sullivan, Microsofta��s Windows Phone director said that Sony is going to release their own WP smartphones. So we will get to see one more Windows Phone hardware manufacturers in the market. It is very good news for Sony fans that they are moving towards the Windows phone market.
Other than this, Windows loaded devices will be budged under Vaio brand. This is the brand that is well known for best laptop seller. It is estimated that Sony WP devices will appear in market by middle of this year. There is no doubt it will boost business for both the companies. Sony was stick to just one platform and that is Android.

Windows Phone 8

They wanted to have a new operating system platform for their device and on the other side, Microsoft also needed to enhance their Windows Phone with more brands. There are very limited customization options given by Microsoft Partners and Vaio smartphones will depend on the services like Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. This will be very helpful for them so that they can make space in the market.

It is well known that both the companies are having long partnership history for mobile and Desktop as well. Till now there is no information that what will be name of device and what technical specification it will carry with Sony WP smartphone.