Snapdragon 810 overheating issues in Samsung Galaxy S6


Snapdragon processor have created a huge name. The standard set by Snapdragon is definitely appreciable. Many Smartphone have powered with Snapdragon processor. But recently, a different twist was noted of Snapdragon through blogs and reports. Overheating issues were registered in Samsung Galaxy S6 with 810 SoC Snapdragon.
The rumours machine is on as usual, through blogs dozen of gossip and rumours keeps revolving and rotating around on and on. This time, the reports says that, the Korean Giant company has ditched Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. The Giant Company has switched from Snapdragon to its very own Exynos series. But few source refuse to stay with this piece of news, they say the Company has not fully ditched the chipset.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 faces overheating issues due to Snapdragon 810

The Digitimes report claims a different thing. According to their report, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in two different version. One with 810 Snapdragon and other with Exynos. Maximum of Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with Exynos, while few will come with Qualcomm processor.

Once the overheating problem is fixed Samsung Galaxy S6 will switch to its previous Snapdragon processor. There are number of device still running with Snapdragon processor, but none other have reported this complaint. Samsung team will surely work on this matter and will get back with its previous Qualcomm processor.

Some say, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in two version in MWC 2015. The Mobile World Congress which will be held in Barcelona, will have a glance of both version of Samsung Galaxy S6.