Smartphone theft decrease after Kill Switch Introduction


Smartphone theft was a common crime reported. But thanks, to a�?Kill switchesa��. Kill switch has helped to decrease the Smartphone theft percentage to notable number. According to Survey, thefts from three prime cities New York, San Francisco and London have decreased after manufacturer have implemented the a�?kill switcha��.
The theft rate of latest device iPhone dropped by 40% in San Francisco, 25% in New York. While, in London the number dropped by half 50%. It was in year 2013, the District Attorney of San Francisco George Gascon and Attorney General of New York Eric Schneiderman initiated a campaign. The campaign was named as a�?Save Our Smartphonea��. The campaign focused on kill switch.

smartphone kill switch

Smartphone theft decrease

Back in August, a bill was finalized in California which required all Smartphones to be sold in state with the kill-switch feature integrated in it. But due to some or other reason, the bill was not passed and the rule is planned to go into effect after July 2015. They what has reduced the theft ratio?

Kill Switch makes theft difficult

Gascon further explained that the Smartphone has already started manufacturing with kill-switch feature which has made the Smartphone theft ratio to drop. Till now, Samsung, Apple and Google have started implementing this kill-switch technology in their respective Smartphones. While, Microsoft is also stepping in technology market with this technology.

The days are not far when we see other manufacturer like Motorola, Huawei will also start implementing kill-switch. But happy to note such drop in Smartphone theft. The feature is slowly and gradually helping a lot!