Skype will have real time Translator build in


When Skype was introduced to the users, everyone seems to be delighted with the fresh idea, which caused the software product to trend high and high. With Skype, Microsoft introduced Translator a year ago. It gave a glimpse of the new tool which allowed user to speak their own language, while on the opposite side, their partners will receive translated transcript in respective language at real-time.

Skype logo

Last month we heard that Microsoft launched an Open Windows Preview, while now it has went a step ahead with a plan to roll more users into the app. After Open Beta, Skype Translator increased usage by 300%, but with this user will need to download the Standalone App. The next roll is expected to land by summer, Microsoft is in the process to make available as integrated component, with current existing desktop Skype app for Windows Operating System.

The recent release of Preview is available in four language Mandarin, Spanish, Italian and off-course English. Apart from these four languages, the officials are planning to introduce in more 50 language.