Shazam on Android Wear


As device market is growing narrow also there is nothing much to offer companies are now switching to something more competitive and creative the a�?Accessory Marketa�?. Device tech support list have been updated by including android wear, smart wear, smart watch, magnetic charger, Bluetooth remote, Bluetooth speaker etc. with more and more of accessories users also hope to have compatibility with their favorite applications. We have seen until now call, message, email popups on your smart gear but next thing that users want is music. People like to listen to music tag them share them with their friends families and one such application that allows us to do that is Shazam. This is the vision Shazam Developers had foresighted.

Shazam for Android

Shazam Developers are looking forward to introduce their shazam application on all your smart watches and wears. Shazam developers are working closely with the android Wearable OS and trying to prepare the application for it. They have received prior success in getting their application installed on Android Wear and Google Glass. People have used and commented on this application. Unlike Ecowear shazama��s application is awesome and has lot to offer. UK was the first to get its hand on shazam application on their Google Glass.

With such progress in the tech world, ita��s time for the companies to introducing more memory into their smart devices so that more and more application are downloaded on their gears. All the developers have to try to pipeline their products to work on these smart wears/ gears.