Samsung to come with monthly updates for their Android Devices


Samsung has known for its superior customer satisfaction with respect to its product quality. This time also Samsung has jumped with novel news to gain more attention and gain more popularity. Now, the Samsung official has ensured that the Samsung device will be getting regular update with security issues and so. The company has also announced new patches for the device. This sounds amazing right? Yes, Samsung has started to handle security issues, it has come with fixes which will be received over-the-air updates. The updates will be received regularly once in every month.

Samsung Galaxy s6

According to the device makers, they will work with carrier to fix the patch. They will also work on issues like Android Stagefright flaw which will let hackers to access phone through messages or videos. Samsung will also employ a similar process for working on updates with carriers and other third party partners to ensure that the updates are landed regularly.

According to the Vice President Dong Jin Koh, the team is prepared to develop fast response and deliver accurate security patches to protect the device. Let’s hope for the best!