Samsung to bring Windows Phones in their Lineup


Most of the smartphones are running android operating system as Android is the most demanding mobile phone OS in current market. All the Samsung Android phone users are satisfied with their product and that is the reason that Samsung is not putting huge effort on Windows phone. If we check the smartphone list from Samsung then there are only a few phones running Windows mobile OS. It was looking like they have lost interest to make Windows phone.

Samsung device

Now it looks like Samsung is taking interest to come back with Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Certain clues are pointing that Samsung will soon come with their new Windows phone SM-W750V. This is not the confirmed news from Samsung so it will be wrong to be 100% sure. If we believe rumours then SM-W750V will come with 5 inch screen size. Screen size matters a lot in any smartphone and 5 inch screen is quite good. According to a user agent profile on Samsung, “Windows Mobile Lab” is named co-conspirator alongside Sammy.

We dont have much information on its specification but according to some resources, Samsung SM-W750V will have Internet Explorer as its default web browser to access internet. Samsung SM-W750V will be a LTE-capable handset and its 5 inch screen will provide resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. So, these are little information available for Samsung SM-W750V and give a rough picture of this new device. We will update this news as and when any new information will be available for Samsung SM-W750V.