Samsung sold 50,000 Tizen powered pieces in India


Last week, Samsung followers were disappointed with a piece of news of Samsung not scoring well in tech market. Their recently launched Tizen also didna��t scored well as expected in India. Samsunga��s was not doing well with its Tizen latest Smartphones. But, According to the Korean Business there is a twist in the tale.
Samsung has sold over 50,000 units of Tizen Z1 in India. But this figure of selling 50,000 units is achieved in 10-complete days after its launch. This figures, seem to be contrast to its earlier report about of Tizen not scoring well in tech market.Crossing 50,000 of unit sale in 10-days is an below average performance given Samsung’s brand performance

Tizen OSti

Tizen Z1 sold in India

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The Tizen is new flagship which offers quality of Smartphone at low cost. The Vice president of Information Technology and Mobile is glad with exceed in sales volume of Tizen Z1. Asim Warsi Vice President of Samsung India stats,a�� I guess new product will widened the consumer choice in relations with price, specifications and also performance.a�� The experience of Tizen Z1 is pretty positive. Consumers around the India are trusting more and more on Tizen Z1.

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The manufacturing of the Tizen Z1 is taken entirely in India. But whether the Company is running in profit or loss time will tell? Currently, the Samsung are offering some bonus sort on Smartphone where you can grab 2, 30,000 songs and 70-live channels. The Dual SIM functionality Smartphone is brilliant Smartphone to grab!