Samsung S5 fingerprint scanner can be used by third party apps


It was already in news by rumors that Samsung new flagship will come with a fingerprint scanner and Samsung did the same. Fingerprint scanner on phone has added additional security to their smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S5’s home button has given additional functionality other than unlocking phone. It works as a fingerprint scanner and after verifying fingerprint, it will unlock your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Now third party apps can also use Samsung’s Fingerprint scanner as Samsung is also giving their fingerprint scanner information so that it can be used to build third party application. It is possible to do with the help of Pass API. It is released as part of Galaxy S5 development kit. Open API will be used by PayPal first and it will lead to confirm payments via fingerprint on Galaxy S5.

Apple is also using fingerprint scanning technology but they want to keep it secret as it is locked and key within A7 chip. They want their data to be accessed only by their own services like iTunes, iBooks, etc. Samsung’s move to allow third-party apps to use Samsung’s fingerprint scanner will open world of possibility and enhanced usability. More number of users will be able to use this service. We want to hear it from our readers that what they thing about Samsung’s new fingerprint scanner. Please comment with the same below.