Samsung promises newer better designed Galaxy S5


We all know that there is no difference in the design of Galaxy S3 and S4 smartphones and this thing is also not hidden from Samsung. Looking at the same feedback from users, Samsung has admitted that they will launch the new Galaxy S5 with a different design. According to Exec Lee Young Hee, the new device will be more about the display, design and feel of the cover. Other than this, it will also have the new version for Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It is expected that this new version of Galaxy Gear smartwatch will have many advanced features. To enhance the security of device, they can also include eye-scanner.


Samsung is also planing to make some modification to the Galaxy Note 3’s successor. This is because there are many users who are ready to pay more amount for this device. The modification can include three-sided display. This is also known as Youm prototype.

It was introduced in CES 2013 and with the help of this, user will be able to read the message from oblique angles. So these are a few good news for Samsung fans and we expect that they will come soon with such enhanced devices. We are looking forward for your comments and suggestions that what additional features you expect from this device to have. So please do comment with the same.