Samsung Project Zero 2 and Galaxy Note 5 in pipeline


The first half of the present year was great for Android users, new devices like Samsung Galaxy S 6 and S6 Edge, G4 from LG and HTC M 9 were available in this period that bought newer features for the Android users. The rest of the year is also likely to bring something new from Google, Motorola and LG. Samsung for sure is likely to bring in their next device in the Galaxy Note series. Though there was news of the release of Samsunga��s Galaxy Note 5, President of Samsung had instantly denied any such move. However, now as per the news in SamMobile there are two new smartphones likely to hit the market. These were expected to be Galaxy Note 5 and the next in line to Note Edge.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Project Zen was the codename for the new device Note Edge in Samsung. This new device is likely to have 5.4 to 5.5 inch dual curve display, which will be AMOLED display with S Pen functionality. The device is powered by Snapdragon 808 CPU, will have internal memory storage of 32 GB. Project Zero was codenamed by the company for Galaxy S6, but the recent news reveals that the Note Edge successor is being renamed as a�?Project Zero 2a�? and the poor response to Note Edge could be the prime factor for this.The major aspect in this is that the model number SM-G928 in Project Zero 2 lacks S Pen functionality which means that the device in this Project is likely to be similar to Galaxy S 6 Edge model.

Both these devices are likely to be launched during the IFA 2015 fest.