Samsung to pay Apple $930M, but escapes Sales Ban on it products


We have seen battle between Samsung and Apple from last many months taking place in US and finally this battle comes to an end. Recently, both the companies had meeting to make a deal off-court but that too failed to get any final decision. Court has given its final decision and both the companies have to follow that. Samsung will have to pay $930 million to Apple. Apple requested judge Koh for ban on infringing products but it was denied. Now Samsung can keep selling its infringing devices in the US.

Samsung Apple Court Case

Battle between Samsung and Apple started in 2012. Initially, Apples first verdict was that Apple will receive $1.05 billion but after a long war, it ends with $930 million. Final amount is $930 million which is very close to $1.05 billion. Apple was expecting more than just money, they demanded permanent sales ban on 23 Samsung devices but it was finally denied.

Apple and Samsung failed to make an agreement out side the court room, Court has given its final words. So, there is no more battle between Samsung and Apple now. Apple has started making new smartphones to beat Samsung smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of those devices. Now we can get to see more competition in both the companies.