Samsung Gear Fit might get cheaper in India


This is good news for Samsung Gear lovers, Samsung Gear fit price tag have been reduced by Rs 3800 from its original rate which is Rs 12,100. Now Samsung Gear fit will be available to you at a price of just around Rs 8300. The main aim of Samsung behind this surprise is to win as much of Indian hearts as much as they can. This will consequently lead them to win Indian market also. This Gear Fit was surprisingly launched by Samsung in Barcelona and claimed it to be the ultimate fitness Solution.

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Live is also going to get launched in India at much reduced price. From project one which aims at producing most affordable Smartphonea��s targeting India first to price reduction, it clearly looks that Samsung has fell in love with Indian market and want to contribute to it as much as they can. Ita��s also worth noticing that Samsung Gear fit is flaunting worlda��s first curved AMOLED display and compatible with Smartphone. The Samsung Gear fit 1.84inch display has a resolution 423*128pixels with 244ppi.

The AMOLED display gives it a vibrant and crystal clear range of colours. This is the same epic AMOLED technology which was once mastered by Nokia when they had that crown. The main threat of Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is only in sunlight. The sunlight makes it completely impossible to read anything from this watch which gets worse with black screen and white text combination. You will have to suffer from this problem if you are an outdoor gamer or something like that.

However you can use from a variety of background colours which Samsung has provided and see if it makes a difference. The Samsung Gear fit lets you stay updated with notifications of incoming calls, emails and 3rd party applications. Thata��s why you can never miss a conversation when you have Gear Fit with you. Besides being a useful gear it is also a productive fitness tool which lets you stay updated with your heart rate through its optical heart rate sensor. It also gives you information about the next workout you should go for according to your body compatibility which it realises through Training Effect feature. The essential feature of this gear is that it can be your companion in rough activities like tracking with its IP67 water and dust resistance. It is compatible with 17 models of Samsung Galaxy Smartphonea��s providing you a fee will to switch between Smartphone you like. With the lowered price, this is the season to buy a Gear Fit for yourself; you should hurry at buying a Gear Fit now if you are a diehard fan of it because its price wona��t be as low as this again. Therefore ita��s a golden chance to avail this offer before Samsung hikes its prices to the normal rate.