Samsung Galaxy S6 may not be IP certified: Drip it and loose it


Samsung last year astonished everyone by launching Samsung Galaxy S5. It is worth to note that, the Samsung S5 was launched with great excitement. The Samsung S5 introduced water-resistant technology, dust tight technology, which then created a buzz and many other manufacturer pulled this technology on their respective Smartphone. They introduced us the word a�?IP67 certificationa�� which means dust tight. IP certification allows device to submerge deep in 3.2-feet of water for complete 30-minutes. Last year, Samsung highlighted this point for promotion to gain more and more audience. The water-resistant trend then created a buzz among all Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6

According to the recent report of Samsung, the Korean giant are trying to increase profit margin. The upcoming product of Samsung Galaxy S6 will not have IP certification. Is this true? Yes, this time Samsung will be not setting IP certification on non-Active models. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which is known to be a sibling of Samsung S6 will also be non-water resistant.
This decision of eliminating water-resistance technology did disappointed few users. But this alleged move was not that surprising! According to the sales report Samsung Galaxy S5 gave grave fall and fall short with expectations. With this product, Samsung noted low profit. The loss was more as compared to their sales figure of past two years!