Samsung Galaxy S6 may have a non-swipe Fingerprint sensor


The time Fingerprint sensor stepped in Smartphone world, everyone were quite interested to know more on this technology. Some manufacturer also implemented Fingerprint sensor, some were lucky with smooth operation. While few tried to implement but were no quite lucky.Fingerprint sensor have gained quality of fame over days. Not all companies use this technology! Samsung the use swipe sensor for security. Samsung user all had to do was swipe your finger over Home button to unlock the screen. This method of unlocking was not easy on higher than 5-inch of Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Sources have revealed a different angle on this unlocking security issue. The Company is planning to move on other kind of unlocking sensor, like the one which accept fixed digits. All the user must do is hold your finger on particular angle for few seconds and bingo! This is how it will unlock.
Samsung has landed with new sensor. It has made Home Key on Samsung Galaxy S6 a bit bigger. But a proper working is yet to be revealed. The sensor will working when the screen is off like the one in Ascend Mate 7 or like iPhone is yet to be confirmed. But working of TouchWiz functionality is confirmed like Paying with PayPal, signing on Samsung Account and so.
The TouchWiz comes in two version regular and Edge. The regular will have QHD screen, and the Edge will have dual sided. Many related leaks and information landing might be confusing, but a confirmed news will land when the long awaited Smartphone will hit the tech market!