Samsung Galaxy S6 Europe get firmware upgrade


The Smartphone from Samsung Company, the Galaxy S6 is very well accepted by the customers and is performing well in the market and the device is well appreciated. Yet the device has some problems. The most vital issue faced by most of the users is pertaining to memory storage. Due to the lower memory capacity the background apps close faster than the normal. This issue is indeed most annoying since the Smartphone Galaxy S6 is a flagship phone, comes with a hefty price tag too. There was an interesting announcement made by the Samsung UK is that they are working on the improvement of Galaxy S 6. The good news being that software issue being resolved to improve upon the working and stability of Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy s6

The website of the company quotes that the update has significantly made a difference in the performance and stability of the Smartphone galaxy S 6. The update measuring around 138 MB with the core number G920FXXU1AODG. This update has made the European model of Galaxy S6, much faster. Yet there is not much clarification about the kind of improvements in stability and whether it also fixes the bug. Thus as on date there is no guarantee regarding the RAM clearing bug, it is still not very clear whether The Deadly RAM clearing bug is resolved or not.