Samsung Galaxy S5 may launch with a metal body


Samsungs Galaxy S4 is a good device and the phone is liked by many, however people missed the sturdy metal body which is present in the other competitors. Particularly the HTC onea��s , that has aluminum body. Now the company has made open the plan of launching the new smartphone , the Galaxy F. This new Galaxy F shall be smartphone with the metallic body.
The Korean news site ET news were the first to spill out the plans of the company developing this new high premium Galaxy from F series. This is expected to go along with their famous Galaxy S series phones. The first in this F series of Galaxy would be available somewhere early next year.

Samsung device

This first device will be most likely called the Galaxy F and will be with full metal body, and the updated design. Though the screen size is still ambiguous, the device will have Octa-core Exynos processor and with16 MP camera with OIS , no info on the resolution is at hand as of now. But will certainly be priced higher than their Note series available in the market for sale.

The company Samsung Electronics have maintained the tradition of launching new device in the first half of every year, besides traditionally the S series and the Note series, they produce two flagship products every year. The introduction of this new premium smartphone makes sense and is in line with the tradition of the company.

The sources say that the selection of the timing is immaculate, as it is felt that by the time this new device takes entry in the market, the noted competitors like LG and Sony would have already produced their superior offerings and so releasing high range metal body smartphone during this period shall be an edge above the competitors.