Samsung Galaxy S5 coming to US ahead of schedule


Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced to release on 11th April 2014 but its release date is pre-poned and Samsung Galaxy S5 is released on 27th March in South Korea. This may sound seem very strange but Samsung has a very god reason to do so. As we all know that Samsung has an upcoming 45 day ban to have new customers and that starts from 5th April. So they have released Samsung Galaxy S5 early to make it available for their customers. Earlier Samsung Galaxy S series devices are very successful and we can expect the same from Galaxy S5 as well.

Samsung Galaxy S5

It is found that there are some retailers who have purchased contract free Samsung Galaxy S5 devices from South Korea and making it available stateside. If you want to have Galaxy S5 then you can visit WElectronics. It is available for $900. There are also some other sellers made it available from Amazon with starting price of $820. You can also put your preorder for Samsung Galaxy S5 worldwide with popular carriers and it will be launched on 11th April.

Contract free Samsung Galaxy S5 is overpriced and it will be better to stay away from those imported Galaxy S5. There are also two smart wearable devices available in UK and they are Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. Most of the sellers have tagged these devices as coming soon but there is only one retailer who is selling black units of it. So we can expect to see those wearable devices very soon.