Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 coming soon with bigger screen


It looks like the occasion has come to welcome a newbie of Samsung Mega family. Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be hitting the market soon according to sources. The great share of Android users has gone addicted of using bigger screens from the past few years. With the motive of creating their bigger than every Smartphone Screen, Samsung has implanted a massive 5.9inch screen in Samsung Galaxy Mega 2. Along with this massive size, this display will be an HD display with screen resolution of 720*1280pixels. This Smartphone is going to be the new innovation of Samsung possessing a 64bit processor along with Quad core Snapdragon 410 clocked at 1.2GHz.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2


Well, no matter the processor has been improved but there should have been a good quantity of improvement in its speed. A large number, this 1.2GHz processor is just an average thing for a Smartphone under these criteria. The best part of the surprise is that the rumours have been saying that this Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be installed with Android L platform. But some of the reports suggest that it will be launched with Android 4.4.3 Kit Kat. Whether this operating system or the Android L, ita��s going to be something fresh and unseen. Besides these spectacular features, Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be having 8GB of inbuilt storage and 2GB of RAM. In this high specification Smartphone, 8GB memory looks fishy. At least 16GB could have done a far better job. Android always chokes when it comes to internal memory thata��s its main problem while as rest of the Operating systems have left this issue far behind.

However 2GB of RAM feels good in coupling with a 64bit Quad core processor. The camera has been rightly housed in this massive giant. It is alleged to have 12MP primary camera and 4.7MP front shooter. The 12MP camera is a right choice for this Smartphone but its an extremely appreciable move from Samsung to use 4.7MP front camera. Otherwise majority of Smartphonea��s possess either 2MP or 0.3MP front shooter. This 2MP is average but doest tastes good at times. Also with increasing technology and features, specifications also need to be maximised. Therea��s no fun in getting stuck at a particular specifications and ita��s essential to change the trend with time.

The vast range of sensors is also present which include accelerometer, barometer, gyro meter, compass, proximity sensor, light sensor, etc. It still remained mystery, whether this Smartphone will be made compatible with 4G or not. However rest of the connectivity options are made available on this Smartphone just like the other models. These include Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS and NFC. This Smartphonea��s future looks directly trapped in the hands of Google. If they would made Android L available for Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 then it will be a great hit in the market otherwise ita��s just going to act like a normal Smartphone with a bigger display. Just like the Sources said, it is going it be a low end variant of Galaxy Note.