Samsung ATIV SE arrives on Verizon in an attractive offer


Samsung has already shown some images and specifications for ATIV SE. It was expected that Samsung ATIV SE will be unveiled at Microsoft’s BUILD conference. There were two more devices to be unveiled at Microsoft’s BUILD conference and those are Lumia 630 and Lumia 930. It was assumed that Samsung ATIV SE will also appear with them. But those assumptions went wrong and Samsung ATIV SE quietly launches on Verizon.

Samsung Ativ SE

You can get Samsung ATIV SE for $199.99 with a two years contract and if you want it without a contract then you will have to pay $599.99. Once you placed your order then it will be shipped on 12 April. Other than this, Verizon is also having a buy one, get one free offer for their ATIV SE. Under this offer, if you purchase a ATIV SE with a contract for 2 years then you can also own a Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) or another ATIV SE without any upfront cost. It is a very attractive deal and we are sure that many people will show their interest in it.

Samsung ATIV is much enhanced as compared to Samsung Galaxy S4 with Windows Phone 8. Samsung ATIV comes with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor which put ATIV on high scale as compared to Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 is with Snapdragon 600 chip. Other than this, both devices are with almost same specifications. Both of them have 13MP camera, 5 in 1080p Super AMOLED and 2600mAh battery. It would be good if ATIV SE come with Windows Phone 8.1 OS which is the latest version but for this to happen SE will have to come outside Verizon’s network.A�