Samsung and Apple fail to reach out of court agreement


According to Reuters report in January, Samsung Mobile division and Apple CEOs wanted to final a out of court agreement to end batter between both the companies. They were also planning to arrange a meeting to take final agreement but latest report says that JK Shin and Tim Cook failed to make final agreement in favor of both the companies. War between Samsung and Apple is continuing from last many month and out-of-court agreement failure will lead to drag this war longer.

CEO’s of Apple and Samsung had a meeting last week in US but this meeting leads to have no final decision. So legal battle between two smartphone giants will be again taken back to court. It is also not for sure that CEO;s from two companies actually had any meeting because a spoke person from Samsung said “we can’t confirm whether the two CEOs met, or if they did, what the results were.” Both the companies were given last date to final an agreement by 19th February but they failed to bring any result during this period. Now court in San Jose, California has to take further step and declare their final decision that both the parties have to agree.

Samsung Apple Court Case

From initial court ruling, it was mentioned that Samsung will have to pay $930 million in damages to Apple. All the things are seem to be in Apple’s favor. It will be interesting to see that what will be final decision of court. We hope that court will take battle between Samsung and apple to some end as soon as possible.