Sailfish OS will be available for Android users to install


Soon after cell phone giant Blackberry made its USP- BBM (blackberry messenger) available to install on Android platform, a newbie OS in mobile industry- Sailfish seems like another player shaking hand with current market leader for making its mark on android users. The parent company of Sailfish OS -Jolla, is showing its keen interest in making their Linux based mobile OS available to all android based smart phones and tablets.
In recent conversation Jolla’s CEO Tomi Pienimäki had unveiled the upcoming planning of his company to provide the joy of using their multi tasking user interface enabled OS to all the Android users. This Meego inspired Sailfish OS has already attracted the minds of several smart phone users due to its simplistic and customizable hardware and its ability to run Android apps with ease.

Now as per company’s CEO, to distribute its Sailfish OS as widely as possible, the best way is to make Sailfish OS available on websites that are used by millions of smart phone users for upgrading their older versions of Android. According to company, “android users know what they are doing when it comes to installing any customized software, so we need not to teach these users how to install and use this Sailfish OS on their devices. All we need to do is to see whether Sailfish is sailing smoothly on all the different android platforms”.

Although it seems like strategy is still in its early days, but doing promotion of this newest and probably the most comprehensive mobile operating system by using existing market leader OS as its launch pad is definitely an exciting idea. Even though Pienimäki did not disclose all his cards regarding possible plan and distribution schedule, he suggested that the company will generate it revenue not by selling their OS but by the means of providing apps, services and advertisement.
So all in all one can say that Jolla has made a smart move by giving all current android users a chance to try their hands on this newly rising, sweet-sounding mobile OS which may be in future would give a taut competition to the Android’s empire.So, what do you think, is it worthwhile installing Sailfish on your android device?