Rumored Second Generation Moto E leaked


Motorola was back with bang! On its release of Moto G, Moto E, all Motorola followers were crowding online site to get the brilliant device. Motorola managed to shake the market with their long awaited products. The surprising part was to see Moto E listed under budget and affordable Smartphone.
Motoa��s all device were probably above 10,000INR, but Moto E is only device which comes at price of 7,000INR. But entering in 2015, it seems like Motorola might be losing bit of its shine. The reason for losing its shine is due to tough competitors entering on battlefield Lenovo A6000 and Redmi 1S, but Moto E will struggle and endeavour to spread its magic.

Motorola Moto E

Moto E Second Generation Images Leaked

All knew about Motorola working on second generation of Moto E, as it has come with other models. Here is a leak image of second generation Moto E. The Second generation of Moto E shares its similarity of design and body with Moto G, as we can make from small factor form. But the Smartphone from its leaked images comes without flash for rear camera.

We also doubt whether the second-generation Moto E will support 4G LTE. We are expecting Moto E will come with latest Android version and upgraded camera specifications. As second generation will have uplifted features then its first generations.