Rovioa��s new game in Angry Birds series: Angry Birds Stella POP,Angry Birds Fight


Mobile games are a crowd favorite, there are plenty of different types of mobile games. Angry Birds series of games are extremely popular, these games are biggest craze in the mobile users. Though recently there are other games becoming more popular, amongst them are the Candy Crush Saga and the puzzles and dragons. As these games are simpler compared to Angry Birds in slinging and shooting.
Rovio has well accepted and understood the fact and has changed the game-play and now Rovio has launched two new games namely- Angry Birds Stella POP and Angry Birds Fight. These two games are launched in Canada and Thailand.

Angry Birds

Rovio release a new series of Angry Bird

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The new game Angry Birds fight is about matching birds to battle enemies quite similar to Puzzle and dragons, while the other new game from Rovio Angry Birds Stella POP is all about players popping bubbles to defeat the Pigs that are villains in this game. This game is similar to that of Bubble Witch Saga and Bust-a move. The Finnish company Rovio has made an impressive attempt to scoop into the market share of mobile game, through these two games the company has successfully devised the games that matches the game-play in most of the recently popular mobile games. The company has also expanded into non-gaming segments such as clothing and toys. Leta��s see how Rovio move with upcoming plans?