Refurbished and Unboxed Xiaomi Smartphone to land in India


Xiaomi is quite impressed with its overwhelming response from Indian consumer. The company hit the milestone of selling-off 1-million of its Smartphone last year. The trend of flash sale too created buzz. The largest eCommerce online shop a�?Flipkarta�� too received great response with sales of Xiaomi as it was exclusively launched on that site.
With flash sale, few customers were unhappy. The reason of disappointment is not getting the product as desired, which went out of stock in few second. Now, Xiaomi the Chinese manufacturer is stepping to produce different type of products. The different model will involve selling a�?refurbished and unboxeda�� unit in India.

Xiaomi Redmi 2

Refurbished Xiaomi Smartphones to land in India

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According to the source, the Chinese manufacturer are trail testing to step with limited model of pilot retail for sell as refurbished and unboxed Smartphone. As per the Head of India Operation, Manu Kumar stats, a�?At times we receive devices which are perfectly fine with no problem, but comes as open box. This is pilot test we are doing in India to check whether this sort of model will work or noa��!

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The handset which are sold as pilot test reportedly are those which are returned from Flipkart buyers. As per sources, the company are in words with few more retailers offline and online to sell the Xiaomi products. The time will tell us how these pilot test works.