Red Nexus 5 retail packaging spotted


Red Nexus 5 already got some rumored images but we were not sure that if images are real of it is just a Photoshop work. On Friday, a Vietnamese retailer leaked some images for red version of Nexus 5. Looking at those images, we can also expect that there can be a yellow model as well. Red version of Nexus 5 is already in news from last few days and now we started getting some fresh images for it. So we can expect that Red Nexus 5 can appear soon in market.

red nexus 5

There are some more evidence for red Nexus 5 which support newly rumored red version of the Nexus 5. One of the Twitter user with name @artyomstar have posted some of the screenshots for red modela��s retail packaging. These images could be fake but the boxes in images seems legit enough. Google has not said anything regarding Red Nexus 5 news and so we cannot say anything for sure.

We are waiting for some official confirmation for red Nexus 5 or some other color option. Google have also not confirmed any date for launch or specifications of its red Nexus 5. Considering rumored color of Nexus 5, it seems Valentines day will be the best time to launch their device. Anyway, we want to hear it from you people that what do you think about new red Nexus 5. If it will be released then would you be interested to purchase it. Please comment below.
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