Qualcomms Snapdragon 815 to run cooler: Dragon Lets of some Steam


How can we forget the past news of Snapdragon 810 heating up issue, which made Samsung Galaxy S6 to switch from Snapdragon processor to Exynos processor? With the news topping blogging sites, everyone came to know about the heating issue of Snapdragon in Galaxy S6. Many manufacturer prefer to go with Snapdragon processor. While the claim points at processor Qualcomm gets heated abnormally which makes you worry about other hardware features in it.Regardless of heating issues revolving around, HTC seems to be continuing and sticking with Snapdragon 810 processor. After too much confusion of Snapdragon 810 processor, need to guess how its successor will give output? Will it run cooler than its predecessor or?

Snap Dragon 800

Snapdragon 815 will run cooler than 810

To note the difference between its different processor, test were conducted to compare its temperature. Test were conducted on Snapdragon 815 latest, 801 and 810. The Snapdragon 801, 810 and 815 are past, present and future Qualcomm processor respectively. The test conducted on these with latest and powerful device with 3GB of RAM, display screen of 5-inch with 1080-pixel resolution. It was tested by running a�?Asphalt 8 Airbonea�� to note its output. With this, Snapdragon 815 showed lowest maximum temperature, compared to rest two which cooled at around 38A�. By comparing with rest, need to say the Snapdragon 815 will offer good output!
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