Qualcomms new 64 bit snapdragon to bring 4g lte to cheap phones 2014


Qualcomm has recently announced that the Snapdragon 410 processor is about to set on release in 2014, the Snapdragon 410 processor, will be very first 64-bit supporting chip. This time Apple manufacturer will be first to get 64-bit chip onto Smartphone. As iPhone 5S, will be one of the Smartphone that helped audience to get aware on this piece of news. The Apple product launched up till now were a bit expensive. But this iPhone 5S is also very expensive, but the trend of prices will be not same for phone sporting Snapdragon 410 processor. Yes, you have heard it true. The Smartphones sporting Snapdragon 410 processor won’t be expensive,costing around $150.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

The Smartphone with 64-bit chips will truly be smart with their speed, working efficiency, multi-tasking features and so. The name of the processor suggests that it will succeed in working habits from its previous ancestor Snapdragon 400. As many of Smartphone previous gave benefits by powering Snapdragon 400 in their handset, some the devices were Motorola Moto G, HTC One Mini. But there was the slight problem noted with Motorola Moto G, the 4G LTE connectivity suffered a bit due to its processor. But this Snapdragon 410 promises to fix such issues.

The Snapdragon 410 processor will house great features like:

  • It can support Adreno 306 CPU with 64-bit capable without affecting much on performance
  • It offers 4 X Cortex A53 1.2 GHz + CPU cores
  • It supports vast connectivity featuring 3G cellular, 4G LTE and all sorts of frequency band around the globe.
  • It also supports 1080p video playback.
  • Triple SIM support with great camera pixel power up to 13-mega pixel.

Qualcomm has said that this new 64-bit Snapdragon 410 processor, will be sampled in commercial device by 2014, devices like Android, Windows phone soon will be getting this as processor.