Qualcomm makes wireless charging for devices with metal cases possible


With the trend of Smartphone and its sleek, shining look, more and more Smartphone started launching its Smartphone in metal-bodies. Getting metal bodies of the handset was for good reason. We can say, metal body is preferred on demand over a blend of glass and plastic. But an unfortunate point that creates obstacle is problem with wireless charging for metal body-handsets. It gives problem while charging, as the metal chassis gets in between the wireless charging method.


According to the recent announcement made by Qualcomm, it proves that the metal issue will soon be solved. Yes, the handset with metal chassis will be wirelessly charged without any hindrance. The QUALCOMM team has come with a technology called Qualcomm’s WiPower, which acquiescent with Rezence wireless power standards. It can be operated at different frequency of metal objects which comes between the handset and wireless charger.

The detailed working of the device is yet to be received. It will also allow multiple handset to charge at the same time. The Qualcomm will be offering this technology for all companies to work and adopt with the Rezence standard. The technology is quite interesting and surely will create a huge buzz with time!