QHD Display on Samsung Galaxy S6: Another leak confirms QHD


Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy S6 is most awaited device. Why is this device considered as most anticipated device? There are too many reasons to note, but the prime reason to know is that it is Samsung. Due to users demand and their trend setting product, Samsung have created a demanding image. After Samsung Galaxy Note 4, users are more curious to know more on Samsung Galaxy S6.
While, all were waiting to know more on S6, a leak on Galaxy S6 made buzz on blogs. Yes, A User Agent Profile confirmed few details of the device. According to the profile, the device has 2560 X 1440-pixel resolution with QHD.

Samsung Galaxy S6

All CPU information about device was revealed through the leak. As per the news, the device offers chipset of ARM11. But this section of news is hard to believe, as this chipset solely supports 32-bit processor, also there is no mention of 64-bit any were on record.
The upcoming device is expected to land with two version one with Qualcomm and other with Exynos 7420. While the Qualcomm variant will be limited. The leaks arrived through User Agent Profile have confused many people like us! Probably, the User agent Profile might be stating about the test model or so.

The release of Samsung Galaxy S6 will solve all confusing queries rising on mind!

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