Pre- orders hit Netherlands for Samsung Galaxy S5


We have recently seen Samsung Galaxy S5 has shown its first appearance with Orange in Romania for pre-order. Now, carriers and retailers in the Netherlands are also making Galaxy S5 available in their market for pre-order. Orders for Samsung Galaxy S5 is accepted by three carriers T-Mobile, Vodafone and KPN. We know that Galaxy S5 comes in Gold color option but Samsung is the only carrier offering Gold color option. So, if you want to have gold one then you are bound to stick with vodafone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Vodafone is providing Samsung Galaxy S5 with no down payment but with a 2 year contract of a��50/month (about $69). Other two carriers that are T-Mobile and KPN are also having same plan but you have to pay a��55/month (about $76). Apart from this, it also has SIM-Free option. With, you can get Samsung Galaxy S5 without any contract for price of a��699.99 (about $961). It will be a 16 GB model. All these are just pre-orders of Galaxy S5, they will start actual selling from 11th April.

We can expect to see pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S5 with other retailers and market soon. Samsung is preparing Galaxy s5 for global release. There are already many pre-orders made for it and its still counting. We wish that it will release on specified date without any delay.